Tide Bank

Tide are a business bank for SMEs who want their business bank to be simple. As the company grew rapidly, they needed a marketing website to reflect the impressive product they had put together. To create a site with the level of speed and security Tide required, we opted to build a headless CMS using the WordPress API. The fully Javascript front-end was lightning quick, and by decoupling the front and back-end, we kept the content and database completely secure.

We also went on to build a brand guidelines website and create a web development style guide, to keep future projects within the design ecosystem.

  • Involvement
  • Development
  • Built with
  • Vue.js front-end
  • Wordpress API backend
  • Workable careers API integration
Working with Dark Blue on our new site was absolutely dreamy - here at Tide we value fast, high-quality delivery of work... while having the leanest possible processes. Which is exactly what we got with Dark Blue. Our new site is the fastest that we ever had, and comes with a handy CMS that makes is easy for the entire team to create and edit content. So far, it's a 'yes' from me. George Schmidt, Marketing Specialist at Tide