September 14th, 2015

The Dark Blue Dive-off

After a long day at work, a few beers, a BBQ and a lake and we all think we’re Tom Daley…

Outpost is all about exploring new work cultures, embedding into creative communities, forging great relationships and bombing hard into lakes.

Seb “The Swan” Reilly

Seb arrived at this competition in shocking form after falling down most of the rocks on the way to the water with a tray of meat. Instantly installed as the huge underdog and some wondered if he’d even brave the water, instead just cradle his Daim mix bag next to the BBQ. But no! Perfecting the diagonal entry point (as it was closer to the steps to get out), Seb showed perfect form, Robert Pires like, into the Swedish Archipelago. 7.5/10

Seb Diving

Lewis “Bomber” Board

Lewis was the tournament favourite, but a pre-bbq snack of a Double Cheese Burger and Mars Ice Cream on the way home from work suggested his rivals may be in with a sniff. Would he get the elevation for his trade-mark somersault-bomb after such a feast? Damn right! You can’t keep a good bomber down. After a near-perfect 360, the champ quickly swam off his pre-dive snack and deservedly tucked into the bbq. Great form, 8/10

Lewis Diving

Iggy “Twat” Hammick

Dark horse Iggy had been playing his pre-dive build up cool. No press interviews and training alone, the rest of the field were probably concerned about what he had up his sleeve. Well, there was really no need.  The enormous splash caused by this pitiful attempt got a few of the locals peering through their curtains in alarm. Rest assured Iggy is significantly better at creating websites than he is at diving.  3/10

Iggy Diving